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Tania's work, workshops, teaching and publishing on The Metaverse & Extended Reality innovations like Immersive Experiences powered with Conversational AI. Proto-metaverses & cognitive interfaces.


60 Leaders in AI blog article "Why the AI World is so sexist..."


Golden Gate Bridge

Interview with the Californian


Future Engineering

Adjunct Professor at University of Silicon Valley for metaverses + interfaces

March 1, 2022

Auto Virtual Reality

Workshops for the Metaverse Academy in Zurich, Switzerland...

October 1, 2022

Conference Crowd

Tania's MOOC on

November, 2022

Auto Hologram

Tania's textbook on metaverses + cognitive interfaces (XR) available for FREE as blog posts and NFTs; OR the chapters as ebooks and paperbacks for a small fee...

December, 2022


Reviving Extreme Sports community platform as a proto-metaverse for meetings, teaching, conferences & a NFT exchange...

January, 2023

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