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Dr. Tania Peitzker has brought excitement to the University of Silicon Valley with her wealth of knowledge and passion of the emerging Metaverse. Covering topics such as block chain technology, cryptocurrency and cognitive interfaces

Tania has enlightened us all with her in depth knowledge and experiences. As a long time Professor myself, I know how difficult setting up a class can be and Tania has handled everything with great enthusiasm and graciousness.

I personally have learned so much from Tania that has broadened my own experiences and horizons and couldn’t be more thankful. I’m so happy Tania decided to join the University of Silicon Valley and hope to continue our pursuit of the future technologies. 


Michael Kaczmarek, Director of Digital Art & Animation, Adjunct Professor @ USV

University of Silicon Valley - metaverses + interfaces Adjunct Professorship

Dr. Peitzker generously accepted our invitation to be one of the international keynote speakers at Freezing Week in February 2021, one of the most important events every year at HAMK (Häme  University of Applied Sciences)


Her enthusiasm and experience engaged a group of almost 400 students across Europe attending her session. Dr. Peitzker's presentation was lively, accessible, and rated by the students as one of the most relevant of the event.


Tania provided a state-of-the-art understanding of the present and future of A.I., particularly A.I. Chatbots. But her extensive knowledge of the subject, its application, and challenges also helped our students advance and acquire new competencies. She understood the nature of the audience, adjusting her content when needed. 

She embraced the context and was available for questions, allowing students working in multidisciplinary teams to gather a holistic vision of the industry and a more profound sense of A.I's opportunities and its relationship with humans. She included examples, challenges, and concerns, bringing a critical and constructive view of the topic.


We are extremely thankful to Tania for her generosity and commitment to share knowledge with transparency. We are proud to recommend Tania  Peitzker to any organization or event interested in a deep dive on the subject.

Ricardo Galiot, Senior Lecturer. HAMK International Business, and Management in Sustainable Business Masters Programs. Helsinki, Finland. 

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In December 2021, we engaged Dr Peitzker to give our team of over 100 technologists a good overview on the art of the possible with AI chatbots, both in terms of current and future opportunities, as part of an all-day internal seminar.  
Her lively and vibrant presentation provided more than just a detailed and easy to follow overview of the subject but created a constructive debate on several aspects of this technology, from planning to coding and even ethics. 
These days the term 'tech guru' may be an overused adjective.  But, when it comes to knowledge, enthusiasm, and strategic approach, it's a more than apt one for Tania, thanks to her breadth of understanding of the subject, its application, including examples, pitfalls and concerns.
Thanks to her lively presentation, the debate continues internally, with the possibility of trialling some of those technologies, yet with eyes firmly open on their options and associated risks.
We are very grateful to Tania for her insight, and we have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation interested in a deep dive on the subject.

UKRI [UK Research& Innovation], Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [BEIS]; British Civil Service / UK Government Departments via Digital, Data & Technology [DDaT]

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Tania enthused a lecture theatre full of international postgrad business students with a lecture about AI and bot demo. The demo of a virtual girlfriend created quite a buzz and sparked a lively discussion about social connection. I recommend Tania as a speaker.

Cambridge Judge Business School / CJBS

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Dear Tania, 

Your talk was outstanding. The insights practical... you were excellent! [on the panel for MKAI in Nov 2021 "Licensing Artificial Intelligence: Is it practical, critical or political?"]

IP litigation solicitor at a top tier law firm in India; Head of Community at MKAI; ForHumanity Fellow - AI and Law

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Tania is a valuable member of Ethical Intelligence’s verified professional network. Tania’s passion and expertise inspires organisations and professionals to take practical steps towards integrating ethics into their workflows and processes.

Ethical Intelligence Associates in Scotland, England, San Francisco & globally: "pioneering Ethics as a Service (EaaS) to empower AI and data driven companies in creating tomorrow’s leading technology."

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"This book is a detailed exploration of the compelling business case for chatbots.
It covers the advantages of the technology, the inherent challenges that exist, and advice on implementation.
It will guide decision-makers through the complexity and opportunities ahead.
Tania has created a valuable contribution to the necessary literature required for all of us to better understand one important aspect of the fourth industrial revolution."

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, LinkedIn Learning Instructor for courses such as Smart Cities & Digital Twins, CEO of Human Future, Author & Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley & University of San Francisco ( Former CIO of Palo Alto City; under his leadership Palo Alto was continuously ranked in the top 5 Digital Cities in America. Co-founder of Code for Ireland & Ambassador for, South of France, Jonathan is from Silicon Valley, USA.

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Alex Gerritsen, HR expert in Technology, Germany.

"I have known Tania now for almost five years and during this time she has always amazed me with her 

  • knowledge,

  • creativity

  • cultural awareness

  • and drive

  • but also her skills to explain the most difficult matters to any audience.

Any them around AI chatbots and cognitive voice she is probably worldwide the best person to turn to.

I can recommend anyone to join her webinars or consultancy sesions as they fuel debate within organisations on how and where to get next in these fields."

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“Thank goodness someone is trying to enlighten us to the positives and negatives of this new world of technology. Congratulations Tania. This is easy to read and shows possibilities as well as difficulties. This world needs books like this as we are being overtaken by technology and needing education to stop our fear & bias. Yes you have started the ball to roll. I already see possibilities and ways to use the AI in a creative way. Thank you...” 

Sue Porter, former Wimbledon, French & US Open tennis champion and now WTA players' mentor and local youth coach in Cairns, Australia & Miami, Florida, USA.

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"... Men are praised for being ambitious; women are accused of it..."

This portrait photo is the copyright of Tania Peitzker. It was taken by a staffer in a passport studio in a shopping centre in Chatham, Kent, 11/2022.

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