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Hire Your Own Metaverse - for Events & Education. Jump into our Extreme Sports themed virtual world with avatars

Teach and train your students, staff and colleagues in a safe #metaverse you can personalise: exclusive use, no intruders, only vetted users are allowed inside...

Our story began many moons ago... we are perhaps the world's first proto-metaverse creators with "unsupervised AI bots" who do "Meet & Greet" inside our metaverse.

More about our origin story will be revealed in 2023... Things to know now:

  • you can get on the waiting list

  • no VR or other headsets/devices required, just a normal PC or laptop

  • an affordable, one off hire fee or ongoing rental for your bespoke needs

  • subscriptions to our metaverse will be possible in future

Rent a Metaverse: About Us
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