Selfie at Palm Cove, Northern Beaches of Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia, the Antipodean summer of 2019.

Tania learnt to sail on Hobie catamarans like the ones pictured behind here at this beach. Palm Cove is in fact where her passion for yachting and regattas began!

Discover more about her pursuits and interests below.


Tania Peitzker


Tania was born in 1970 in Cairns, tropical Far North Queensland. She learned to sail in Australia; taught by her father on catamarans like the Hobie boats you see behind her in the 2019 selfie below.

In fact, it was at this Cairns beach & now international resort village called Palm Cove where she first sailed, before yacht racing in Berlin, off Kent, on Sydney Harbour and Port Melbourne. During her first 18 years in the Australian tropics, she became a qualified beach life guard at the Palm Cove Surf Lifesaving Association.

Tania then spent nearly 20 years as a Berliner, living in the intense intellectual hub & loving the multifaceted cultural life of the German capital. She won a Government scholarship to do her PhD at the University of Potsdam which brought her to Brandenburg from Nürnberg in 1995.

As of 2020, she commutes to her German technology venture AI Bots as a Service in Munich - in Bavaria where her father originally hailed from before emigrating to Australia. Her tech company is ranked highly by the US crunchbase & is located next to the famous Bavaria Film City in Grünwald.

Otherwise Tania enjoys sailing on Lake Constance from the beautiful German "island town" of Lindau.

​​She lives partly with her English family (includes husband, 2 sons, 90 yo inlaws & animals) on their 150 year old mixed arable agricultural enterprise, Court Farm in Kent, close to the border of Greater London, not far from Cambridge & just a Eurostar train trip directly to Paris, Brussels & Zurich!

Tania has supported her husband Andrew Lingham's award-winning, low carbon, green tech, Regenerative Ag business. Andrew is known UK-wide for his pioneering sustainability experiments including cover cropping and No Till or "no ploughing" methods on the 900 acres shared with Pasture Reared beef/Grass Fed cattle and sheep. See the videos of Court Farm bee hives & Tania's "Bee Vlog".

Their livestock is all sold through their on site "local produce" farm shop - Court Farm Butchery & Country Larder - which has benefitted from Tania's state of the art digital marketing campaigns and online PR strategies such as:

  • ​on Facebook, Twitter & microsites like blogs

  • and even a bespoke Greenfield AI  bot butcher with Emotional Intelligence, as described in the Case Study "Sir Loin" featured in her 

    BEP book on AI (chat)bots.


My poetic intervention in the catastrophic, countrywide drought & bushfires of 2019-2020 in Australia

This volume of poetry is dedicated to the destroyed habitat, National Parks & helpless animals, insects and general wildlife that have been killed by climate change and humans' unwillingness to take sufficent action to protect them.

Please click on the book cover for "To Canaries Gone By, Poetry from the Coalface" to get a free preview of this work.


Poetry as Memoirs


You may be interested in reviewing this volume of poetry as well as my non-fiction work


This is Tania's portfolio site.  For her tech venture AI Bots as a Service please visit

Impressum 2019-2020: Lingham Manor House, Court Farm, Pilgrims Road, Upper Halling Village, Rochester, Kent, UK. 

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