Swiss Applied Machine Learning Days Publishes Profile (EPFL, Lausanne Uni)

January, 2019

MarketsandMarkets quotes velmai Co-Founder in Conversational AI Brochure

April, 2019

Cambridge Judge Business School presentation on Mixed Reality AI bot holograms

Winter, 2017

ResearchGate publishes velmai's findings from the soft launch in Cologne

April, 2019

Talk on Hologram Lifeforms at Cambridge Judge Business School by velmai CEO

Winter, 2017

velmai CEO interviewed by Knurture's Outfuel on "The Future of Feedback" for their thinktank on Artificial Intelligence

March, 2019

Medium Post on how our latest AI bot is developing Emotional Intelligence

May, 2019

Who's Afraid of AI? velmai CEO's post on

April, 2019

MarketsandMarkets report on Conversational AI: velmai founder quoted, interviewed for 3rd time for BI forecasts!

March 1, 2019

My AI Bot Inferiority Complex. velmai CEO's post on

April, 2019

County Newspaper Features its Homegrown Talent in Devon

September, 2018

Digital Radio interview about velmai and blockchain innovations

August, 2018

The TechTalk Show London & Kent

June, 2017

Modern Office

This keynote about AI BaaS & the Pecha Kucha Speed Talk I gave were "Pre-Pandemic" or actually at the start of it in Europe - February 2020 at the OOP Konferenz in Munich.

My last public lecture before the world changed...

...there were "only" 2000 attendees at this weeklong conference, the most prestigious IT event in Germany!

tania as AI Luminary.png

Knurture's Outfuel spoke with some of the most famous thought leaders and practitioners of AI

February 2019 Sweet, Sweet Emotions


Machines learn. Want to help humankind catch up — email us.

Every quarter, we will be shining the spotlight on a selection of luminaries in the artificial intelligence space.

For our February 2019 spotlight, we featured pioneers in the field of emotional AI, also known as emotion detection technology.

From mental health support and creativity to the creation of new "lifeforms".

ai office.png

"Thank you for registering your interest to contribute to the UK’s AI Council Working Groups.

We are delighted that you have decided to join this community and work together to build the UK’s AI ecosystem."

Secretariat for AI Council 

Office for Artificial Intelligence

Joint unit: DCMS and BEIS

DCMS - 100 Parliament Street, London

BEIS - 1 Victoria Street, London

Email from the UK's AI Council re Working Groups on Policy & Practice.


ABC radio interview in Australia (podcast)

Interviewed on Adam Stephen's DRIVE afternoon programme, Statewide. Recording from Monday 15 July 2019.

  • cognitive interfaces: chatbots evolving into Intelligent Virtual Assistants & sales avatars

  • Artificial Intelligence & globalisation; how AI can work anywhere even in remote places

  • commercialised Use Cases for voice-based AI bots & Best in Class examples eg. the Trump & Clinton chatbots during the last US election; the KLM airline chatbot creating jobs for humans; the e-Porsche, a recent car model already using the latest Mixed Reality hologram tech & interactive bot in the dashboard; robot(ics) applications of IVAs

  • how Human-Machine Interaction has developed since the 1950s with the UK's Prof Alan Turing; the Turing Test/Loebner Prize or the "Holy Grail" of Emotional Intelligence

  • why have the tech giants - IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Skype, Facebook etc - spent billions of dollars on the tech niche, with investment ramping up...


Interviewed by Harvard, Yale & Delft university researchers on Artificial Intelligence, ethics & botification.

March-April, 2019


For and about technologists

This Kindle ebook by Tania Peitzker is about Gen Zers & Yers, YouTube Influencers & Instagrammers, who find purpose and meaning to their lives through a near death experience in an Extreme Adventure livestreamed globally from Australia.

(Livestreamers is also available as a paperback on the Amazon Bookstore).

This short novel is an indictment on our Gen Z era when smartphone/social media addiction and cyberbullying - as well as the desperate need for fame and fortune - have tragically demeaned much of our culture and weakened a sense of community and belonging.
Yet the internet and connectivity has also brought about a revolutionary new way to build heterogeneous communities and it may also help us save the planet from climate change.


Checklists & Guidelines for Purchasers in the Public & Private Sectors

You can pre-order Tania Peitzker's Civil Service/public sector procurement handbook and corporate/private sector purchasing guidelines on buying AI bots from Business Expert Press in New York.


This is Tania's portfolio.  For her tech venture AI BaaS please visit

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