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Shortlisted for the Women that Build Ed - Globant Award "Tech Entrepreneur", ca 70 000 nominees

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Women in Voice Ambassador in France & WiV Member in Italy

UK Research & Innovation Department - workshop on Mixed Reality

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#bebasque Talent Network. Professional member in Bilbao, Bay of Biscay & the Basque Country

Freezing Week 2021 was dedicated to "one of the most relevant business, IT & design topics: emotional intelligence meets artificial intelligence."

We want to give our students and partners an exclusive experience.

Upgrade your portfolio by attending our workshops, exploring our tracks and opportunities to network, and getting to taste a bit of our unique Finnish landscape and lifestyle. You can find the Freezing Week programme here.

Keynote at the Bavarian Associations for Metalworking & Electrical Industries

"How much human does AI need?"

Livestreamed and broadcast: Dr Peitzker was interviewed alongside a Microsoft Deutschland executive and an aged care home manager on all aspects of this stimulating topic.

2020 TALK: "Ask Our Live AI Bot Hologram How It Feels In Any Language: From The Frontiers Of Mixed Reality"

This talk is about what it feels like to be a bot developer on the cutting edge of putting AI into bot brains. A bit like the fictional Frankenstein project, my team injects the organic, voice-based personality of an avatar into a Mixed Reality shape: be it a hologram, a robot, a VR or AR experience. Amalia, our first public facing pilot in a shopping centre in Cologne proactively made shopping suggestions and gave tips on where to get nice gifts. I will present findings from our experiment featuring Amalia's growing sense of humor.

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Swiss Female Experts

Search and find a female expert from Switzerland for media inquiries, panel discussions or workshops. Or 
create your own expert profile.

Agronomists, political scientists, slam poets, virologists, creative professionals, lawyers, IT specialists, sociologists, and many others.

When holographic voice assistants lend a virtual hand to Smart Towns in a pandemic. 

This is a workshop about leading edge, Digital Out Of Home [DOOH] advertising technology in the flourishing, AI-powered, voice assistant market.

Demonstrating the live, commercialized examples of small, virtual “boxed Brand Ambassadors”, as well as free-standing, life-sized holographic avatars doing Conversational Commerce, we’ll see how these customized characters or “AI bots” are providing Infotainment to citizens and tourists by working interactively and unsupervised in public spaces.

Use Cases include

  • car showrooms,

  • large venues,

  • restaurants,

  • gallery exhibitions,

  • trade shows,

  • market squares and village centers – even

  • retailers like supermarkets,

  • food shops,

  • hotels,

  • wellness/leisure facilities,

  • hospitals, and

  • pharmacies.

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Team Meeting

Kylie from Sydney: Speak with her LIVE as a 2D voice assistant for tourism & travel vox pop polling & promotion, PR, marketing & sales

from March 1, 2021

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Tania's guest blog post about the AI BaaS pilots written for SwissCognitive, "the global AI hub"

spring 2021


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Entrepioneering on the bleeding edge of technological innovation isn’t for the faint hearted… first comes the vision to see things others do not, then the tenacity to turn a vision into reality, and then the patience to educate a market on why they need something they never imagined wanting.
I’m Melinda Wittstock and today on Wings of Inspired Business we meet an inspiring entrepreneur who is an early pioneer of XR – otherwise known as extended reality – a sister to augmented and virtual reality.
Tania Peitzker (pitescur) is the co-founder of AI Bots as a Service – a Mixed Reality tech venture for 2D and 3D bespoke avatars destined to change marketing as we know it. She and her team created the world’s first pilot of a live 3D hologram avatar as a Wayfinder and 2D Virtual Assistant in social media for a mall in Cologne, Germany.
We’re going to dive deep into next generation technology – plus how Tania is leading the way for women in cutting edge tech – start music under my voice so you won’t want to miss this!

Melinda Wittstock: Wings of Inspired Business in Washington DC

Cambridge Judge Business School Talk & Live Demo of Mixed Reality - Next G

Tania Peitzker & Darren Lee, December 2019