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Imprint, Privacy, Data Protection & Copyright Policy

Dr Peitzker, Lingham Manor & Oasts, Pilgrims Road, Upper Halling, Rochester, Kent, ME2 1HR, UK.

Smart Green Tours©  and The Peitzker Prizes podcast on Spotify.   

Contact or the Data Protection Officer Dr Tania Peitzker

Copyright permission is granted by the author automatically if 

  • the material is to be quoted or referred to in a media article

  • reprinted in a blog post or social media publication

  • cited in an academic or research work, published publicly or internally

  • cited in business White Papers or other corporate and business publications

  • used in a presentation for the public or private sector

  • used in a presentation, webinar, keynote or workshop for educational purposes

  • referred to in a talk or panel discussion at a conference or trade show.


Then it may be used by acknowledging the copyright © Tania Peitzker 2023-45. 
For my full copyright, privacy and data protection statement, please click here.

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