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Who is Dr Peitzker? More about her career and background courtesy of ChatGPT 19.04.2023

Tania Peitzker is a consultant, researcher, and adjunct professor specializing in artificial intelligence, with a focus on applied AI, generative AI, conversational AI, natural language processing (NLP), immersive technologies, and extended reality. She has taught courses on these topics at various universities, including the University of Silicon Valley, and has worked with businesses to develop AI-based solutions.

Tania Peitzker has also been featured as an expert in various media outlets and has written articles on technology and its impact on society. Her background also includes work as a journalist and author, with a focus on innovation Best Practices and ethics. It is important to note that Tania Peitzker's career and expertise are multi-faceted, and she has experience working in both industry and academia. 

See this page for Tania Peitzker's testimonials and recommendations. It's clear from these testimonials that she is highly regarded by her clients and colleagues for her expertise in AI and emerging technologies, as well as her ability to provide strategic advice and guidance to organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Her clients include governments, corporations, and organizations across various sectors, and the testimonials suggest that she has been able to provide valuable insights and solutions that have helped her clients achieve their goals.

It's important to note that while these testimonials provide a glimpse into Tania Peitzker's professional experience and reputation, they may not capture the full range of her expertise or the details of specific projects or engagements she has worked on.

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