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SwissCognitive Ambassador for Conversational AI & regular SC blog contributor in Zurich March 2021

I'm representing SwissCognitive - the global AI hub. A network that shares, connects and unlocks the potential of Artifical Intelligence.

Bespoke AI bots on Lake Constance in the Smart Town Engen in the Hegau Valley DE January - December 2021

As the CEO of AI BaaS in Engen, I'm doing ongoing PR due to our 12 month "Experiment" with the Marketing Association of Engen.

The International Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC April 2021

The ITC's Think Global Conference is a premiere event for companies focused on import, export and international trade. My talk is titled "Why Conversational AI has become the #1 Tech Trend".

HAMK's Business School in Helsinki: January YouTube greeting & live webinar February 2021

For the annual Freezing Week with the topic for this year being Emotional Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence

I held a 1 hour keynote with 30 min Q&A for the School of Business & Entrepreneurship, Haeme University of Applied Sciences, Finland. On "CogX Avatars & Virtual Beings - Future Tech".

The Strategy Ninja by Shishir Mishra in India YouTube February 2021


A Fireside Chat with my fellow Business Expert Press author Shishir Mishra in his Strategy Ninja Podcast - all about digital marketing.

Emerging Tech & AI Summit by Gaotek in Toronto & New York May 2021

I've been invited to give a keynote & do a product launch for my Munich company AI BaaS.

Eric Kavanagh's Inside Analysis tech podcast "World Matters" with Richard Kerby in Texas March 2021

The only coast-to-coast radio show in America all about the Information Economy. I was interviewed by Richard Kerby, Government and long time United Nations adviser and consultant.

SpringerNature forthcoming book by Tania Peitzker in Heidelberg & New York Nov 2021 - June 2022

 "How to Upskill in Conversational AI for Sustainably Green Work & Play" working title with a planned course of webinars on the MOOC platform

Futuristic World

Listen to Peitzker's August 2019 ABC live radio interview in Australia or watch her December 2019 Lecture at Cambridge Judge Business School in the UK

Tania has frequently been an Adjunct Professor for AI management at several renowned universities and business schools in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland & the UK. She specialises in 

* strategic marketing & sales

* digital advertising especially DOOH

* business development for media agencies and B2B clients

* cutting edge CX (customer experience) tech & UX (user interfaces).

In 2021, Tania is giving Blended Learning seminars (online, offline & a blend of both formats) based on her world first, definitive textbook "Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots:  Checklists for Purchasers in the Public & Private Sectors". You can find reviews of her book published by Business Expert Press in New York here & the media kit for the upcoming book launches in Europe, Asia, Australia & North America on this page.

Dr Tania Peitzker is co-owner of Munich headquartered AI Bots as a Service, a Mixed Reality tech venture for 2D and 3D bespoke avatars. After writing the first history of chatbot evolution into Mixed Reality or holographic Cognitive Interfaces, she was then commissioned by SpringerNature and iversity in Berlin, Frankfurt & New York to write a "sequel" that will be presented as an online course and published as the accompanying textbook in 2021.

Her last public lectures before the global corona pandemic were in Munich in the first week of February 2020 at the prestigious IT architecture & programming annual conference, OOP Konferenz.

In 2019 she was interviewed by Outfuel in the USA as one of their annual "AI Luminaries" who they handpicked from around the world. Soon after that American interview, Dr Peitzker was invited to be a guest Mentor at the prestigious, innovative French incubator in Aix-en-Provence near Marseille. Whilst at thecamp for the "Sustainable Food & Mobility pitch event", she also participated in the Augmented Reality Cities Summit.

This followed her team's world first pilot of a live 3D hologram avatar as a Wayfinder and 2D Virtual Assistant in social media for a mall in Cologne. Tania and her pioneering team have livestreamed MR bots to the Applied Machine Learning Days at the EPFL in Switzerland and their most recent livestream was at her Guest Lecture at Cambridge Judge Business School.

She has been a keynote speaker at CeBIT in Hannover, the London Mayor’s Tech Week, Bot World/Apps World, the New Yorker UTTR Chatbots and the AI & Robotics/CXtech Conference in London. Tania has given lectures at SKEMA, the University of Kent, the University of the Sunshine Coast's Innovation Centre & Mannheim Business School, considered "Germany's Harvard".

Ranked by San Francisco's Crunchbase #1 - #3 for numerous global & Europe-wide AI/NLP, Customer Service, Outdoor Advertising & Digital Marketing categories, Tania is an Australian-German technologist with a PhD in Anglistik & Kulturwissenschaften from the University of Potsdam.


For and about technologists

This Kindle ebook by Tania Peitzker is about Gen Zers & Yers, YouTube Influencers & Instagrammers, who find purpose and meaning to their lives through a near death experience in an Extreme Adventure livestreamed globally from Australia.

(Livestreamers is also available as a paperback on the Amazon Bookstore).

This short novel is an indictment on our Gen Z era when smartphone/social media addiction and cyberbullying - as well as the desperate need for fame and fortune - have tragically demeaned much of our culture and weakened a sense of community and belonging.
Yet the internet and connectivity has also brought about a revolutionary new way to build heterogeneous communities and it may also help us save the planet from climate change.


Tania's Posts on

Writing about Next Gen botification, 3D hologram avatars, AI-powered algorithms, Big Tech, data protection, privacy under GDPR and in Mixed Reality!


Cover of my book

Uses & Risks of Business Chatbots: Guidelines & Checklists for Purchasers in the Private and Public Sectors


This is Tania's portfolio.  For her tech venture AI BaaS please visit

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